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 "In the heart of every man there is something - a drive? - which is already there when he is born and will haunt him unremittingly until his last breath. It is a mystery which encompasses him on every side, but one which none of his faculties can ever attain to or, still less, lay hold of. It cannot be located in anything that can be seen, heard, touched or known in this world. There is no sign for it… It is a bursting asunder at the very heart of being, something utterly unbearable. But nevertheless this is the price of finding the treasure that is without name or form or sign. It is the unique splendour of the Self - but no one is left in its presence to exclaim, “How beautiful it is!” Abhishiktananda, The Further Shore

 An old friend exclaimed upon meeting me again: “Al, you haven’t changed a bit! You’ve just read a book and want to tell everyone about it!”

 Which is ever so true that, at any given moment, I am ripe and ready to convey what I have just gleaned from my latest reading.   

 Thus the nature of this website - to pass on an insight, hot and fresh from the oven, for some probing mind and searching heart to feast upon. 

 My reflections are delivered here in three different ways. You can read the Blog, listen to the Podcast or watch the Video. (You can also watch the videos on my YouTube channel by googling "Al McGee - YouTube")

 What you can expect to find here is the co-mingling of my own creative juices with the inspiring influences of philosopher, Jacob Needleman,  Literature Professor, Joseph Campbell, priests, Raimon Panikkar and Swami Abhishiktananda, as well as the touch of poets, John O’Donohue and David Whyte. Paramount is the transforming impact of the meditation master, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.

 For many years I have sat cross-legged on a meditation cushion delivering homilies on spirituality and philosophy. And on it goes.