When Religion Gets Sick


 When is it that religion gets sick?  One possible answer is to say that your religion is becoming a little unhinged when you absolutize your beliefs.  Your religion is getting …

When Soul Appears


 When Darth Vader’s mask came off, an exceedingly vulnerable man was revealed - a frail, dying man.

 Formerly impenetrable -  the unimaginable was revealed - an open man - a real …

To Seek or to Scoff?


 It is with a sense of wonder (and relief!) that I from time to time meet someone whose penchant seems always to be a certain readiness to get up to turn around - as in Plato’s …

My Aunty Anne

 It has happened every year on March the 1st for as long as I can remember. 

 I get a phonecall and then the song begins: "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday …

An Undercurrent of Power


 While living under the forty year Stalinist dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, Albania’s greatest writer, Ismail Kadare, wrote that the “myths and ballads” continued to circulate widely.” (…

Spinning Your Way to Transcendence


 Lately I’ve been thinking: "I’m giving in particular what I have to give,  come hell or high water.”  

 It’s a fierce determination to stay with my particular passion

 It’s to …

Brilliant and Blind


 Peggy Lee once asked in a song: “Is that all there is?

 It’s a good question and could lead somewhere.

 Or not.

 For it all depends, says the Meditation Master, Gurumayi, on the …

Some Vapid Life Celebration


 There’s nothing like some vapid Life Celebration to raise my ire.

 Since for me the event feels empty and fake.

 In a word, unreal, for it is as if nobody died.

 So a certain dimension …

On Being Your Own Damn Light


 What does it mean “to be a light unto yourself”?

 Two particular contexts come to mind.

 The first is the Buddhist context. When the Buddha was dying, he encouraged his followers …

Reflections on a Long Marriage

  I was 28 years old when I delivered my first sermon at Northmount Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta. (1981)

 It was called How Turkeys can Learn to Fly like Eagles.

 It held …