Hobby Horse Theorizing


 David Hume, the father of modern skepticism, wrote that upon leaving the privacy of his study that "he thinks the way ordinary people think”  thereby admitting (with a refreshing …

What Little I Know


 I live with a sense of God that I can barely explain. (And don’t trust anyone who can)

 About this sense of the Divine I pause... I hesitate... I stammer and stutter. 

 For there …

Open to Everything, believing Nothing


  There’s been no golden age when all dreams came true. Nor will there be.

 And so to imagine that there’s no heaven, only earth below, is the greatest of fantasies, a pagan dreaminess, …

Start Close In


 The change you want (and may not want!) always begins with some small step.

 Which is not - let me qualify -  just any old step, but a step of integrity towards the truth. And …

My Absolute Desire


 David Berman, a retired Philosophy Professor at Trinity College, Dublin, says that there is nothing more important than to “work out what your absolute desire is and then go in …

An Old Fat Guy

 As of late I've radically changed my diet. For I do not wish to become an old fat guy

 And an amazing thing has happened! I have met with almost no inner resistance. 

 I had expected …

Fuzzy Headed Dreamers


 In the early 1930s a boat carrying 107 mostly British communists arrived in St Petersburg. These were starry-eyed immigrants determined to unite with the - said to be -  glorious

Infinitely Free and Undefeatable?


 Just prior to the outbreak of World War in 1914, a British officer was quoted as saying that “nearly all my brother-officers of my own age had been, two or three months earlier …

A State of Prayer


 The great sages and seers have always said that we are to know ourselves

 How’s the search going? Are we knowing more? And getting better at it? 

 Hardly. As philosopher, Peter …

A Wedding Message


 An ancient tale by Ovid in his Metamorphoses features a married couple whose names were Baucus and Philemon.

 It’s a tale rarely noticed because there’s no great drama to it. The …