An Old Fat Guy

 As of late I've radically changed my diet. For I do not wish to become an old fat guy

 And an amazing thing has happened! I have met with almost no inner resistance. 

 I had expected a huge inner struggle.

 Instead, to my relief, something else has taken over. Something that is more than will power.

 Another power has risen up to meet the challenge. It’s the power, I have determined, ('I’ve got the power!’) that is unleashed from living within a structure.

 I am living within a system of discipline that consists of four bright lines. (Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating - The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free)

 A bright line is a non-negotiable, unambiguous bright line, or law.

 If you want to become happy, thin and free, says Susan, stay within the bright lines.

 These bright lines are for me a Divine gift that both protect and set me free. 

 Their effect is to put me together, to create a state of inward coherence. 

 Are not laws a constriction?  Hardly. It’s quite the opposite. 

 To put your life in accord with the wisdom of the bright lines is a source of strength and delight. Just as, in a similar sense, the Psalmist found that when he lined his life up with the Divine Law that, it became a constant source of delight

 Indeed, we are free to the degree that we align ourselves with the highest of laws and principles. And miserable otherwise. (Let’s dispense with the myth of the jolly fat guy. It’s a public act. In private, he’s something else.) 

 And so, Susan's bright lines are setting me free. And apparently, thousands of others.  

 Now in terms of diet, there are four bright lines, according to Susan Thompson. These are - no sugar,

                                   no flour

                                    set portions and

                                     three meals/no snacks.

 For 20 days now I have lived fully within these bright lines. I have not deviated even once. 

 And have become therefore a law abiding, bright lines adherent. This is my new identity. And it’s working. 

 The pounds are dropping off effortlessly.

  I’m sleeping better. 

   I have no cravings for my particular former temptations - ciabatta rolls, beer and french fries. 

    I’m no longer starving between meals.

     I no longer fall asleep after dinner.

      I’m going to bed early and waking up early.

       I’m no longer worrying about whether I ate too much.

        And I am now able to stand sidewise to the mirror without freaking out. 

 It’s working like nothing before. These bright line laws are setting me free, free from my cravings and compulsions. Free fully to live the life I want to live. 

 By structuring my life in terms of the four bright lines, I am fulfilling my absolute desire, which is to be fit in every way

 In seminary a Professor challenged us not to become fat priests. There is, he said, nothing more pathetic than a fat priest. (Or fat Doctor, for that matter!) For you are telling your parishioners, or patients, respectively, that your life is out of control.

 I have never forgotten the Professor’s challenge and now have a clear way of meeting it. 

 I’m a bright lines lifer, becoming happy, thin and free. 


Dr Susan Peirce Thompson, author of Bright Line Eating - The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free.)


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