No True Wish


 Krishna, who, in the Bhagavad Gita, is a symbol of the Ultimate, of God, says to Arjuna, the seeker: "With mind absorbed in Me, you shall know Me completely." (Jnaneshwar's Gita, …

Is Your Biography Your Identity?


   The Irish poet, John O’Donohue, wrote that our age has "reduced identity to biography.” In other words, this age has bulldozed us into the reductionist and limiting belief that, …

Love Creates Space


 Love creates space. It creates a gracious, hospitable, sacred space, where boundless possibilities exist.

 Speaking of which, four years ago, I met the philosopher, Jacob Needleman, …

Mad With Inspiration


 There’s something attractive to me about someone who is a little bit crazy, a little bit mad with inspiration

 In his presence I sense a fire burning. His imagination is alive. …

Elegantly Balanced


 I can picture her even now, some fifteen years later, a very charming woman in her early 70’s, trying without success in a Yoga class to cross one leg over the other. (as above)


Blissful In Seattle


 I decided to juice up a walk in downtown Seattle one Friday afternoon by coordinating my steps with a prayer mantra.

 That focus helped gradually to put me into something of a …

Thomas Merton And Me


 A young man was unenthusiastically preparing for the United States Foreign service at Georgetown University. Uninspired, he called his focus a “decent plan at the time for some …

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down (on your anger)


 When newly married, my wife and I received the councel never to let the sun go down on our anger. Such great advise!

 The message was to regard the present moment as all-important, …

You Are A Possibility


 You are a possibility, say the great sages and seers, but may not have appeared. You are a distinct, potent possibility, a candidate for a great realization, but some doubt or …