A Sorely Needed Protection


 The all too typical and predictable reaction of the secularized man to the suggestion that there are eternal laws, abiding principles and permanent things is to mock, sneer and …

Someone Who Hears You


  A friend is turning sixty soon. My tribute is to say that she is 'someone who hears you.

 Or at least, hears me! But I would not be surprised to hear that many others have felt …

Looking For Action While Death Laughs


  For as long as I can remember I have been resisting the pull to join the throngs of people who are 'on their way to somewhere.'  Actually, it's not much of a pull anymore. In …

Getting into Mischief


 A woman in her mid-eighties encouraged me recently to help another elderly gal to “get into some mischief!”

 I wondered: 'Do I look like someone whose expertise is in encouraging …

Bug-Eyed Buffoonery


  My brother, at the age of fifty, has a new baby boy. It's his first. And we who love him, family and friends, are thrilled for him and his young(er) wife.

 But not overly so. …