Something’s Missing


 A pressure often felt, but perhaps not readily acknowledged, is the enormous pressure to act as if you have it all together, even though you don’t. 

 For instance, you had better …

At One


 Three years ago, I listened to the poet, David Whyte, friend of the late Irish poet and philosopher, John O’Donohue, for a full day at the University of British Columbia. I felt …

No Finished Facts


  I have sometimes felt compelled to say to someone who feels her personal world is collapsing: 'What's happening in your life now is not a finished fact.  It is not the end of …

What Gets Your Attention?


 What gets your attention? Indeed, what do you habitually turn towards? Or, conversely, what do you regularly turn away from?  

 Please do not say that where you look doesn’t matter …

That Essential Dimension


 I heard about yet another marriage falling apart. My immediate thought was: ‘I don’t know how any marriage survives without a strong sense of a shared search for and participation …