Love Creates Space

sun through clouds

 An example of No Space is the memory of the 19th century Congregationalist Pastor, Joseph Parker, of the fierce arguments that occurred in the kitchen of his childhood home: "The chief concern of the kitchen academics, was to “prove that very few people could be saved, and that those who were not saved, would wallow in fire and brimstone eternally.” 

Mad with Inspiration


“Rilke is the quintessential figure of a poet, in the simple sense of being a vessel for divine inspiration.  One necessarily has to believe this in order to do justice to Rilke. No other explanation is adequate to account for the power of Rilke’s writings." Joseph Pieper

Elegantly Balanced

One knee over the other

Since each of us is "unique and unrepeatable," says Sister Edith Stein, "there is a great danger if we import and impose upon ourselves foreign models that could squash "our own individual traits and character.”


Blissful in Seattle

Seattle walking

 Meister Eckhart said: “Be silent and do not chatter about God, for by chattering about Him, you tell lies and commit a sin. If you wish to be perfect and without sin, then do not prattle about God.” Which means to cut out the yakety-yak! 

Thomas Merton and Me

Thomas Merton picture

“Merton’s journey charted a path into my own heart, stirring questions I did not dare ignore. Indeed, as I finished the book, I felt an aliveness I had never known.” The Seven Story Mountain had the effect of awakening “a primal desire that would henceforth be a factor in every decision I would ever make, in every moment of self-discovery I would ever experience”. Br Christopher

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down (on your anger)

red/yellow sunset

So here the couple is, late at night and at loggerheads about something or other. The bedroom has become a battlefield. That sweet little thing you’ve been calling honeydear, or your darling in public, has just tried to strangle you again. 

You are a Possibility

outer space in colour!

 Joseph Campbell, at the end of his life, shared his sense that the various authorities he’d known, so full of advise, were all but "troubled youngsters.” Joe’s parting words were: “Do not be ‘over-awed’ by the authorities.” 

Something’s Missing

little girl, water & sunset

“When the spark is not lit inside, we will always feel that we are lacking something, and often not know what is. We think we feel this lack because something external is missing, and we keep on trying to find out what it is. But what we are looking for, what we are longing for, is the kindling of the inner flame that will reveal God to us.” Gurumayi

At One

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 Swami Shankarananda, in Happy For No Good Reason, distinguishes between his first education and his second education. His first education was about “exploring the outer world in detail.” This was his conventional education, the effect of which was to become “embellished,” but not “transformed.” His second education had to do with learning wisdom and empowerment. Its bedrock, says Shankarananda, is meditation.